Mask Update

    As we enter back into a season of increased participation in worship and ministry programs, we continue to monitor the Covid-19 and Delta Variant viruses.

      First Light Acolytes

      Join the First Light Acolyte Ministry! Open to any youth who has been through confirmation and is a member of our church.

        Youth Music Ministry

        The Wesleyan Youth Choir (WYC), led by Janis Maxwell, is open to all students in grades 7-12!

          Sunday Night Encounter

          Our Sunday night program where Youth encounter the Holy Spirit, praise God, and welcome Jesus into our hearts through worship, prayer, service, and thanksgiving.

            Confirmation 2021

            Confirmation at Athens First United Methodist Church is a time of concentrated learning and reflection designed for seventh graders. The purpose of Confirmation is to help these students confirm their faith in God. We are focused on guiding and...