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Friend Day | September 26

    When I was a young father with a toddler, I attended a church gathering one night. The speaker said he told his children every morning when he dropped them off at school, “Make an A and invite somebody to church.” The story made me smile, and I decided that is how I would say goodbye to my child when she began first grade. Throughout elementary school, I would send her off with the phrase, “Make an A and invite somebody to church.”

    My daughter took it to heart, and we ended up taking children to church on many Sundays. She became invitational when it came to church. To this day, she has no hesitancy inviting people to worship. This fall as we begin the school year; I am inviting you to invite someone to church for Friend Day, on September 26.

    I bid you goodbye with, “Make good decisions and invite somebody to church.”
    - Chuck Hodges