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Lunch Bunch

    Welcome to our Lunch Bunch site! We hope this will answer any questions you might have!

    Lunch Bunch (LB) will be handled a bit differently this year due to Covid. We have yet to set a date to offer LB but we will as soon as conditions improve! We are trying our best to keep each child and teacher as safe as possible, therefore, we will have limited numbers due to our limited space in order to appropriately social distance. We will either separate by class or by grade level. This will depend on the guidelines given to us by the Task Force, the Clergy, and our Board.

     Each group will have two teachers in each room to ensure that your child is safe. The PreK students will remain upstairs and the Three Year Olds will remain downstairs in their own classrooms. This will help keep the spread of germs to a minimum. ALL threes and fours MUST be TOTALLY self-sufficient and potty trained! Two year olds will be invited to join us in January provided they are self-sufficient as well.

     Cost for LB remains at $6.00 per hour per student. Each student must provide their own lunch and beverage. We ask that you send as few containers as possible. The divided containers are perfect for this! There are several brands...Glad, Bentgo Boxes, or any type of reusable container. It helps the teachers with encouraging healthy foods first. Having multiple baggies means adults having to open more items and possibly sharing more germs.

     This year when you register your child to stay for LB please pay as soon as you receive the confirmation email or text from me. We will send a monthly calendar in your child’s school folder for you to complete and the return to me ASAP. The calendar will reflect the days we will not meet due to Staff Meetings and holidays. Please click the link for Lunch Bunch Payment. If payment hasn’t been made, your child will not be able to attend and we will offer that spot to someone else who is on the waiting list for Lunch Bunch.

     We will not be able to refund the $6 if your child is absent this year. This is a new policy. If your child has signed up, we have already assigned teachers to remain to give us the appropriate coverage. We have saved that spot for your child on that day. I hope you understand this change. The world out there has made us change a lot of things, hasn’t it? This too shall pass.

     LB meets from 12:00-1:00 each day. The children will meet, wash hands, relax and cool down to a story while our teachers help prepare lunches. We will,then say the blessing and eat. We will have some time for play after eating. We will take turns with each group having time on the playground, in the gym, or in the classroom according to our Covid Policy and recommendations from our leaders listed above.

     Pick-up is NO later than 1:00 as many of our teachers have other responsibilities with their families or second jobs. You will be charged $1 for every minute after 1:00 for being late. Dismissal will be handled the same as noon dismissal. We will bring the children out to you but you will need to complete the buckle for them after we have walked away from the car. Please wear your mask!

     We will close Lunch Bunch if the school shuts down due to Covid-19 and reassess when we will be able to return. Prayers that this won’t happen! If you have already paid and we shut down, we will roll it over to when we return.

     I would like to have everyone’s cell number so if there is a last minute decision or emergency I can reach you. If you’re like me, you tend to see texts before emails. 

     Thank you for your support of our Lunch Bunch program! We love having that extra time with your child and giving you that extra hour. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with any concerns or questions.

     God bless you all!
    Libby Carson

    Assistant Director of Preschool Community
    Lead Teacher of 5 Day 3’s
    Lunch Bunch Coordinator


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