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Adult Sunday School

    "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing."
    - 1 Thessalonians 5:11


    Many of our Sunday school classes are meeting each Sunday morning via Zoom. We invite you to join and grow deeper in the Christian faith. Newcomers and guests are always invited to visit a class. For more information, contact Cindy.

    Cindy McKoy|  | 706-207-7305


    All classes, unless otherwise noted, begin at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday morning.

    Meets in room 247 [Pulpit side of sanctuary]
    Age range: 60s + 
    Demographic: Couples and singles
    Format: Open inquiry and study of Scripture and other religious writings & related subjects
    Studying: Variety of topics with guest speakers and class members teaching.
    Contacts: Carole Langley |
    Beverly Pool |

    Meets in room 224
    Demographic: 50s+, ages in different stages, makes for a great class! Married couples and singles, with a single women's outreach group.
    Format:  Coffee and fellowship (9:30), singing, prayer and Bible study lesson (9:45)
    Contact: Priscilla Carroll |  
    Susan Whitehead | 
    Patricia Maxwell |

    Meets in room 100, near the Hancock Street entrance
    Age Range: Older adults (60+)
    Format: Fellowship, singing, support, and Bible study
    Contact: Susan Hill |
    Mary Tate |

    High Point
    Meets in room 307 [Lectern side of the Sanctuary upstairs] at 10 a.m.
    Age range: Late 20s to 40s
    Demographic: Young couples, young couples with children
    Format: Fellowship and interactive discussion on connection of life and faith.
    Contact: Tina Lord |

    H. C. Tuck
    Meets in room 240
    Demographic: Men only; all ages
    Format: Bible study, lecture, discussion, singing, and fellowship
    Studying: Adult Bible Study Series
    Contact: Thornton Johnston |
    Class webpage

    Meets in room 200 | Parlor
    Demographic: Adults with young adult children
    Format: Study and discussion of Biblical principles to meet the needs of everyday life
    Studying: Scripture and topical studies
    Contact: Holly Ward |
    Kim Griffith |
    Lisa Hudson |

    Meets in room 222
    Age range: 50s+
    Demographic: Couples and singles
    Format: Bible study lecture and videos, fellowship
    Studying: Adult Bible Study Series
    Contact: Debbie Whittemore |  , Charley Whittemore | , and Gail Walton |

    Meets in Hull Conference Room
    Demographic: Open to all
    Format: Both Bible and book studies with discussion
    Contact: Mac McDonald |

    Meets in the John Wesley Parlor
    Age range: Late 20s to 50s
    Demographic: Singles & Married
    Format: Varied study for life application and fellowship
    Studying: A mixture of different book and Bible studies.
    Contact: Jennifer and Joe Wyrick |  and

    Meets in room 229
    Age range: 50s + 
    Format: Bible study, discussion and application
    Studying: Adult Bible Study Series
    Contact: Martha and Rick Parker |  and Sharron Thompson |

    Young Professionals
    Meets in room 226 
    Age range: Late 20s to 30s
    Demographic: Singles & Couples
    Format: Varied study for life application and fellowship
    Studying: Short-term studies
    Contact: Lindsay Burnley |