Sunday School

"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing."
- 1 Thessalonians 5:11

All classes, unless otherwise noted, begin at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Meets in room 247 [Pulpit side of sanctuary]
Age range: 60s + 
Demographic: Couples and singles
Format: Open inquiry and study of Scripture and other religious writings & related subjects
Studying: Variety of topics with guest speakers and class members teaching.
Contacts: Carole Langley |
Beverly Pool |

Meets in room 224
Demographic: 50s+, ages in different stages, makes for a great class! Married couples and singles, with a single women's outreach group.
Format:  Coffee and fellowship (9:30), singing, prayer and Bible study lesson (9:45)
Contact: Priscilla Carroll |  
Susan Whitehead | 
Patricia Maxwell |

Meets in room 100, near the Hancock Street entrance
Age Range: Older adults (60+)
Format: Fellowship, singing, support, and Bible study
Contact: Susan Hill |
Mary Tate |

High Point
Meets in room 307 [Lectern side of the Sanctuary upstairs] at 10 a.m.
Age range: Late 20s to 40s
Demographic: Young couples, young couples with children
Format: Fellowship and interactive discussion on connection of life and faith.
Contact: Tina Lord |

H. C. Tuck
Meets in room 240
Demographic: Men only; all ages
Format: Bible study, lecture, discussion, singing, and fellowship
Studying: Adult Bible Study Series
Contact: Thornton Johnston |
Class webpage

Meets in room 200 | Parlor
Demographic: Adults with young adult children
Format: Study and discussion of Biblical principles to meet the needs of everyday life
Studying: Scripture and topical studies
Contact: Holly Ward |
Kim Griffith |
Lisa Hudson |

Meets in room 222
Age range: 50s+
Demographic: Couples and singles
Format: Bible study lecture and videos, fellowship
Studying: Adult Bible Study Series
Contact: Debbie Whittemore |  , Charley Whittemore | , and Gail Walton |

Parents of Youth
Meets in room 114, in the youth area (September-May) 
Demographic: Parents of youth
Format: Prayer, study and discussion, mutual support-as we support our youth into Christian adults
Contact: Cindy McKoy |

Meets in Hull Conference Room
Demographic: Open to all
Format: Both Bible and book studies with discussion
Contact: Mac McDonald |

Meets in the John Wesley Parlor
Age range: Late 20s to 50s
Demographic: Singles & Married
Format: Varied study for life application and fellowship
Studying: A mixture of different book and Bible studies.
Contact: Jennifer and Joe Wyrick |  and

Meets in room 229
Age range: 50s + 
Format: Bible study, discussion and application
Studying: Adult Bible Study Series
Contact: Martha and Rick Parker |  and Sharron Thompson |

Young Professionals
Meets in room 226 
Age range: Late 20s to 30s
Demographic: Singles & Couples
Format: Varied study for life application and fellowship
Studying: Short-term studies
Contact: Lindsay Burnley |