All parents of children and youth (infant through grade 12) should create a KidCheck account.

A safe and loving environment is the top priority of our Children’s Ministry at Athens First United Methodist Church. This year we will implement an electronic check-in system which will provide an important level of security for children in our building. This will complement the Safe Sanctuary procedures that we currently follow.

We’re excited about this opportunity to partner with parents. Check in and check out will be required each time your child attends a children’s ministry program (Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening). With your help, we can increase our safety measures significantly. Our system will be used for everyone through grade 12.

Signing up for KidCheck is easy and free for parents. Once you've created your KidCheck account, you can add your kids and other guardians.  You can also upload photos of yourself, your kids and your guardians to make it easy for your childcare provider to identify them. 

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