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Tell Me the Stories | 3 Years Old

    3s Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Faith Milestone

    Faith milestones are significant moments in the faith journey of a child that, for many of our children, begins with baptism. Our 3-year-old “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” Milestone is a sweet moment for some of our youngest disciples to begin to feed their excitement for God’s Word and stories from the Bible. During this informal gathering, each child receives their first storybook Bible as a gift from their church family. As we partner with families throughout the faith journey of their children, our goal is that the children will know how loved they are by God and develop a passion for His Word. When the children receive their storybook Bible, the joy they express and the eagerness they have to read from their own Bible is a precious reminder of what it means to have child-like faith.

    The “Tell Me the Stories” Faith Milestone is held on the second Sunday of February each year during the Sunday School hour.


    Jennifer Golden, Assistant Director of Children's Ministry  |