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Bibles | 3rd Grade

    One of our most exciting milestones is when children receive their very own Bible from their church family. This milestone emphasizes to children that they too can begin the journey of a personal encounter with the Living God, day to day through personal Bible reading.

    In addition, after receiving their Bible, children will have the opportunity to attend a Bible Beginners class taught by our AFUMC Clergy during the Sunday School hour. Topics covered in this class include the history of the Bible, ways to navigate it, specific places to turn to when facing challenges, and so much more. Children will also have their Bible returned to them after having their name engraved on the front cover following the Milestone worship service.

    The Bible Milestone will be held for all current 3rd Grade children on October 16 during the 11:00 a.m. worship service. The Bible Beginners class will be held on November 6 and November 13 during the Sunday School hour. Both days will be the same class; your family may choose which date is best for your child to attend.

    The deadline to register is October 10.


    Megan Presley, Director of Children's Ministry |