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Church Directory

    You can now make changes to your address, phone numbers, email addresses, and other items related to your membership records. Your membership profile can only be seen by you and those you allow. You will not be able to view any other member's profile, and others will not be able to view your profile unless you allow it.

    In order for you to receive this benefit, we need to update our current database with your email address if it's not there already. If you don't think we have your email address, simply email  .  Once we have your email address in the system, you can use the link below to set up your password and/or login to the directory. 

    When creating an account, be sure to use your first name, last name, and suffix exactly as they appear in our directory. For instance, if your name is “Joseph” but you go by “Joe”, the system will not recognize “Joe” as your first name.