City On A Hill

    City On A Hill | Grades K-4

    Children are important in God’s kingdom and through City On A Hill we are dedicated to ministering, serving, and loving our children in Grades K-4 as well as their families and community.

      Moving Up | Kindergarten

      We are excited for our Kindergarten age children to move up to the 3rd floor on Promotion Sunday each year.

        Holy Communion | 2nd Grade

        Children in Grade 2 are invited to participate in the Holy Communion Milestone where they will learn about the elements of Holy Communion and its importance in their faith journey.

          Bibles | 3rd Grade

          The Bible Milestone is when children receive their very own Bible from their church family. This special Sunday is held each year in the Fall.

            Serve on the Third Floor

            Our church family is invited and welcome to serve with our children in a variety of different ways on Sunday mornings.

              5:14 | Grades K-4

              Children’s 5:14 Wednesday Night Programming welcomes all children in Kindergarten through Grade 4 to come explore their faith through fun activities and a special time in the Chapel.

                Children's Church

                Children up to Grade 2 are invited to have the opportunity to attend Children’s Church where they will enjoy many different worship-related activities with our Children’s Ministry team.


                  We use KidCheck's electronic check-in system for all programming for children birth through grade 12.