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Confirmation 2021

    What is Confirmation?

    Confirmation at Athens First United Methodist Church is a time of concentrated learning and reflection designed for seventh graders. The purpose of Confirmation is to help these students confirm their faith in God. We are focused on guiding and instructing our Confirmands on the vows they are making in order to become professing members of the United Methodist Church.

    There are three goals set out for Confirmation:
    1. To have each Confirmand rejoice in God’s freedom and power and confess Jesus Christ as their Savior.

    2. To have each Confirmand grow deeper in their faith walk and desire to be active in student ministries and the Athens First United Methodist Church body.

    3. To have each Confirmation family grow deeper in their faith journey together and be renewed in their desire to serve Athens First United Methodist Church with their prayers, their presence, their gifts, their service, and their witness.

    Begin Confirmation with the Day One Event!
    In place of a retreat this school year, Confirmation will officially begin with our Day One event on Saturday, January 23, 2021. Confirmation families will be able to drop by the church and pick up student materials, complete any outstanding registration needs, and meet our Confirmation mentors. More details about Day One will be shared later this fall.

    Our Confirmation Sessions Begin After Day One.
    On Sunday, January 24, we will begin our Confirmation sessions. There are eight total sessions. The time and location of these meetings will be announced later this fall.

    Who Is In Charge of Confirmation?
    The Confirmation experience is led by the Co-Directors of Youth Ministry: Laney Jones & Devin Burns. There is also a team of Confirmation mentors who will help to lead the Confirmands.

    How Does the Mentor Team Work?
    The Confirmation Mentor Team is a team of adult leaders who will serve as shepherds for the Confirmands during the Confirmation process, including the Confirmation Retreat and all Sunday night Confirmation sessions. Part of this leadership team will also continue serving with the Confirmation Class beyond their Confirmation in the church.

    What About Attendance Requirements?
    Our confirmation process is a comprehensive package comprised of Day One event, learning and activity sessions, and a worship service with the Athens First UMC congregation. It is intended that participants be involved in the whole range of activities alongside their peers. If an absence must take place, please contact Devin or Laney to find a time for your child to make-up the lesson that they missed.

    Costs and Registration
    The cost of Confirmation is $50. This covers Confirmation supplies, a confirmation t-shirt, and a new Bible for the Confirmation journey and beyond.

    IMPORTANT: Registration and $50 balance are due by Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Please help us in sticking to this deadline so that we can be best prepared for each and every Confirmation participant.


    Confirmation Calendar
    Confirmands are welcome to all youth group activities beginning August 2020. This includes Sunday night Encounter and Wednesday night Bible Study.

    • December 1: Confirmation Registration/Fee due NO LATER than this date. Registration and $50 Confirmation fee can be submitted online or mailed to the church office (attn: Kayla Thomason)
    • January 23: Day One Confirmation Event
    • January 24-March 14: Sunday Confirmation Sessions
    • March 21: Confirmation Sunday

    Do You Offer Confirmation for Older Youth & Adults?
    The Confirmation experience in spring of 2021 is for students in grade 7, but we do offer alternative options for anyone older than grade 7 who would like to be confirmed in the United Methodist Church. If you are an older youth or an adult who would like to go through Confirmation, please contact Devin or Laney for more information.

    Youth Ministry Staff
    Co-Director: Laney Jones |  
    Co-Director: Devin Burns | 
    Administrative Assistant: Kayla Thomason |