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Dear Preschool Families,
We come to you with joyful hearts in the midst of these uncertain times, and we truly miss all of your precious smiles, hugs, and happy faces. This time has surely drawn us closer together in spirit, and we remain in constant prayer for each and every one of you.  

Today, we met with our Preschool Board and we want to address some of the decisions that we made on behalf of our students and teachers. 

We realize that you paid tuition for March and you did not get to enjoy preschool. We would like to take the tuition that you paid for March and apply it to your August tuition.  This typically would be how we process your May payment, so we would be doing that now. Please review the online handbook if you have questions about this, or feel free to call us.) If you are not returning next year, we would like to offer you a full refund for your March tuition. Please reply to this email and let us know if you would like your March tuition applied to your August payment or if we can offer you a refund. 

We have also decided that we would like each family to discontinue payment for April’s tuition. This does not mean that we will not return to preschool! It is our hope and prayer that we return on April 13 when the church is scheduled to open. We will remain in contact with you as we get directive from the bishop and the state for how Athens First United Methodist Church will proceed. If we do return on April 13 as planned, we want to joyfully celebrate being together, and this will be our gift to you for the remainder of the school year.  If you pay online automatically, as soon as you possibly can, please stop your automatic payments. This will prevent any delay in getting money back to you.

 We understand that many of our families are experiencing these days differently.  Should you want to donate to the work our teachers are doing, thank you. If you are satisfied with the way our teachers are responding in love to your children, and you would like to donate your monthly tuition to the Preschool as a love offering, we are grateful.  Please let us know any of your wishes in writing as well. Our desire is to honor our families and our teachers during this uncertain time. You are our first priority!

We will work to reimburse March lunch bunch payments as soon as possible to those who this affects. 

 Be on the lookout for information to come regarding our scheduled book fair.  We have prayerfully decided, with the blessings from our board, to proceed with our book fair.  There is absolutely no pressure to buy anything. We offer this to you only as a resource for wonderful, educational books (some of which are activity books) to help you spend your time together as families.  This book fair will be online, so please share with friends, grandparents, anyone who you know loves books as much as we do.  

As we plan and prepare for summer, we hope that you will want to spend time with us.  

Please be in prayer with us for all of the children who are affected by this time.  We pray for each of you, for your families, for our teachers, for our churches and for our community.  We can rest knowing that Jesus is with us, and he will never leave us.

 In Christ,
Linsey Jarrett and Katie Ryan

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Church updates

Given the latest updates from our bishop and governor regarding the potential spreading of the COVID-19 virus, we will gather online for worship on Sunday, March 29, April 5. Our building will remain closed until Tuesday, April 7.

Not gathering to slow the spread of this virus is one way we serve our community.

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