Timothy Advantage

The Timothy Advantage:
Disciples making disciples through service and fellowship

Who: Anyone who is called to share the good news with children and to be part of the church that makes disciples.

  • an artist who loves to express faith through hands-on activities
  • a grandmother who wants to pass on faith to little disciples
  • an experienced teacher who loves to teach children
  • a father who wants to model the importance of digging into the Word
  • a new member who wants to invest, but needs a partner with experience
  • an Elijah Project prayer partner

What is the Timothy Advantage?
A discipleship program modeled after the relationship of Paul and Timothy. Participants will partner in a similar way to teach children in our church.

Why the Timothy Advantage?
There is great value in intergenerational learning! As teaching partners work to grow "little disciples," they will grow in their own faith and relationship.

How to join the team:
Volunteer to teach one month and we will help find you a partner who compliments your gifts. It is helpful to choose a month (August through May) where you are available all or most of the Sundays.

Where will we teach?
Teams will teach one lesson in one of our four elementary classrooms (art, storytelling, cooking, movies) each Sunday of the month to a different grade level each Sunday. The lesson and materials are provided.

Is there more to the Timothy Advantage?
Teams are encouraged to serve in mission opportunities as well as fellowship together.

Paul told Timothy that even though he was young, God could use Timothy in a big way. It doesn't matter how old you are or how long you have been a Christian- God has good works prepared for you to do. Follow the examples of Paul and Timothy!

Timothy Advantage Testimony:
"I was blessed though the Elijah Project to pray for and meet a youth at our church. The end of that year of prayer was sad to me, and I wanted the opportunity to interact with my prayer partner, who only learned who I was at the end. I heard about the Timothy Advantage and thought it would be a great and easy way to serve with my prayer partner. It would be at church, a place and time we were likely to be anyway, and in a supportive and known environment. I asked my prayer partner (a senior in HS) if she would teach Sunday School for elementary children for a month with me. We were assigned a classroom that involved creativity and technology, areas I thought would be a great match for her youthfulness, and where I would not succeed alone on my limited skills. We were provided great material to work with, and showed up four Sundays in one month to teach the same lesson to different age groups. We arrived early each Sunday and had a chance to visit before the children joined us. I got to learn about her interests, her family, her personality, and her plans for the future. It was a blessing to cultivate a tangible relationship with her. I think both of us enjoyed the chance to connect with some younger families too, as we are both now always on the youth hall. She's going off to college now, so I've already reached out to my second prayer partner to continue this tradition."

If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please contact:
Robin Stewart |