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Stay in love with God.

Each Friday you get a taste of what we are doing in in Children's ministry in your daily devotion. We are re-imagining what Children's Sunday School looks like when we are not able to physically gather together.  

In June we are sharing video lessons teaching about John Wesley. In these virtual lessons, we will look at our Methodist heritage, and how it has shaped who we are as a church. The text below is taken from a weekly email to parents.



Dear Parents,


I hope you and your children have enjoyed getting to know John Wesley this month. For our final Sunday, we are going to look at his third rule: stay in love with God.  


Activity: God Hunt

Stay in Love with God Video



Over the month of June, we have looked at who John Wesley was and thought about the three simple rules he taught us. This week, we look at the third rule: stay in love with God. 


In our lives, we have friends that we love. We look forward to playing with them, learning from them, and spending time with them. We also have our families, people with whom we share a deeper level of love. Whoever is in your family, there is a deep, profound love that runs strong. 


Deeper than both of those is our love for God. We fill our hearts with God’s love, our love for him and His love for us. There is always room for more love when we start with God and keep him at the front of our heart!


Parents, you may enjoy a quick activity with your child. Draw a heart, and write God in the middle, as I did in the video. Remind your child to keep God in the center of their heart, and then ask what else they love. I bet they will have some great answers!


When we really love someone, there are lots of ways to show it. We show our love for God through worship, music, service, prayer… the list goes on and on! God wants us to spend time with him, and when we love God we want to spend our time with him. One of the ways we can do that is to spend time reading our Bibles. 

This week, we are going on a God Hunt to spend some time in his word. A God Hunt is very much like a scavenger hunt. I selected a few scriptures that show us what God is like. Help your children learn how to use their Bibles by guiding them through this. Maybe you want to do just one a day! Work at your own child’s pace. If turning through the Bible is too much for your little one, go ahead and look at the passages on the answer sheet and talk about all the wonderful characteristics that God has. If you want to take this another step further, ask your child, “What reminds you that God is love? Is there an object in our house that reminds you of God’s love? Or is there a story that comes to your mind that reminds you of how loving God is?” Do this with each passage to extend the activity. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this!
We also hope you will join us after our 11:00 a.m. online worship experience for our Children's Message. This week's message can be found our YouTube channel or on our AFUMC Children's Ministry Instagram account.
I hope and pray that these activities and videos are tools to equip you to be your child’s faith leader. If you have any questions, please reach out to me! 


Much love and prayers for each of you,

Ms. Katie




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