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“Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God… And God said to Noah, ‘Make yourself an ark of gopher wood…’” Genesis 6:9, 13 & 14 

One of the best features of a smart phone is how it sends notifications. I have different sounds to let me know when I have a call, a text, or an email. Sometimes these are not very important, but often the notification is for something that is urgent and needs my attention right away. Occasionally I am notified of a significant matter that I can defer to later but must address when I deem necessary. Each notification is the same; I must decide the urgency. 

Those of us who try to live faithfully often get notifications from God. These may not be as clear as a text or email, but by the grace of God’s spirit we get a sense of what it is that God is asking of us. There are many biblical examples of God notifying men and women. 

Consider the story of Noah – as one who “walked with God,” he received a specific and hard-to-believe notification: Make an ark. Noah was a husband, a father, a farmer, and a preacher. One day a conversation with God changed everything in his life. Surely Noah questioned this message, but because he was living his life so close to God, Noah acted on faith. And we all know how the story ends – when the flood comes, the ark and everything within it are safe and saved from destruction. 

You and I receive notifications from God too. They won’t be like the ones on our smart phones. God’s communication is not cellular. We might have to listen more carefully, but as long as we are “walking with God” we will hear and know how we are to live. Don’t expect the voice to be crystal clear, but as long as you keep walking, God will keep talking. 

Let us pray,  

Thank you, God, that we can hear your voice and listen. Help us to walk closer with you each day. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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