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It’s Been a Good Season

When the church had to shut down because of the onset of the covid-19 virus, we spent hours and hours discussing ways to stay connected with our church family. For many, there was a deep need to come together, and we all know there was a plethora of opinions. One way we thought we could stay in touch and nurture our community was through our devotions. In the beginning, our staff participated and eventually the clergy wrote daily devotions.   

If I am being honest, it was a great way for us to stay in God’s word and speak to what we were all experiencing. At times, it was difficult to find the words that might be an encouragement and other times, it was not so difficult. Our time has come to end our weekly devotions.  With Martha leaving to answer God’s call to explore a new way to serve and program opportunities increasing, we have found that our focus and energy needs to be given to our ministry areas and our church family. 

This has been a good season for stretching ourselves and learning new things about how God uses scripture and life’s experiences to speak to our souls and strengthen our faith. Thank you for all who have read, listened, and shared our heartfelt words and thoughts. You have been faithful to us and to the church. May God continue to bless you and meet you in your discovery of how he uses your life to encourage others.   


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