City On a Hill

Each month, children in grades 1-4 rotate through the different classrooms on the third floor.  Children have the opportunity to Touch it, Taste it, Smell it, Try it, and Take it as they explore the City on a Hill.


Room_Amphitheatre Photo

The Amphitheatre
In the Amphitheatre children become a character in a Bible story or participate in a contemporary drama to role-play how the story relates to our lives today.


Room_Caravans Photo

The Caravans Room
Experience the  Bible lesson through a variety of games and challenges.


Room_Carpenter Workshop Photo

The Carpenter's Workshop
Create art that illustrates a Bible story using unique mediums and children's individual gifts.


Room_Cooks Garden Photo

The Cook's Garden
Children experiment with cooking and science related to the Bible.


Children's Ministry_Tabernacle

The Tabernacle
Children listen to a story-teller in the Tabernacle and learn to retell the story.


Room_Watchtower Photo

The Watchtower
Children learn to become discerning viewers through films that help in the discovery of biblical truths.

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