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Pipe Hype | Monitors and Mirrors

    You may have noticed we moved the console of the organ a little in order for you to see what I am up to on the bench and to be able to see our beautiful console during the livestream. Over the next few weeks, we will explore a few things to know about what you are seeing!

    Monitors and Mirrors
    I don’t have any set up now, but eventually you will notice a mirror and/or a video monitor on the console. Sitting at such a large instrument, the organist usually needs assistance in order to see everything. What do I need to see? A lot! I need to see the choir directors, soloists, other musicians, ministers, the bridal party, the funeral procession, the children on Palm Sunday, the altar, and the list goes on. Mirrors and monitors help the organist keep the flow of the service going smoothly.

    I hope this is helpful to you! Feel free to email me your comments and questions! Also, I am available to meet your small group, via Zoom for now, to share music and organ information.

    Janis Maxwell |