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Online Independent Studies

    We are excited to offer four online, independent Bible studies this winter! We understand some of your daily schedules are demanding; therefore, we wanted to provide studies for you to go through in your own time and at your own pace. By registering for the study of your choice, you will receive an email through RightNow Media to access the study, which includes a customized lesson plan, an embedded video, and discussion questions for each lesson.

    If you are interested in participating in any of these studies, please order your copy of the book online and kindly register below. You will have the option to select the study you would like to take.

    Once registered, the link to this study will be emailed to you on Monday, January 11. These studies will be available January 11-May 1. For more information, contact Cindy McKoy.

    Everybody, Always

    What happens when we give away love like we're made of it? In this five-session study, Bob Goff takes us on a journey into the secret of living without fear, constraint, or worry.

     Unshakable Hope

    In a trembling, unsteady world, how do you gain stability, find peace, and learn to trust God?  In Unshakable Hope, Max Lucado unpacks 12 of the Bible's most significant promises. We will learn that, as children of God, we must build our lives on the promises of God, not on the circumstances of life. 

     Love Does

    Can a simple concept shift your entire world? In this five-week study, Bob Goff certainty thinks so. When it comes to loving your neighbors, instead of focusing on having the “right answers” or checking the “right boxes,” what if you decide to simply do love? To shamelessly show love and grace to those around you--what would that look like? 

    All the Places to Go

    In this six-week study, John Ortberg opens our eyes to the countless doors God places before us every day, teaches us how to recognize them, and gives us the encouragement to step out in faith and embrace all of the extraordinary opportunities that await. 


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