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Letter from Linsey Jarrett, Director of Weekday Preschool

    Dear Preschool and Church Families,

    I wish I could see you all in person right now to share this message with you.  

    A couple of weeks ago, I had a lawyer reach out to me about a job offer.  It was for a Client Relations position. I have known that I would work for the preschool until I would one day retire, so meeting to hear about the position was not a big deal. Not to mention the position was full time, 8:00-5:00, in an office environment. No way!

    Well after meeting with him and hearing what exactly he does and what I would be doing, I was beyond surprised with how I felt.  Inspired and hopeful!  I have prayed so much about how/why God would want me to leave the preschool, my forever home.  But from the minute I left his office, I have felt the need to make this change. I will oversee the client relationships for Bob Prior’s law office. This change comes with a HUGE price! Leaving the place where I have loved and grown as a person for 15 years.  

    My heart has been in mourning since I have made this decision. I try to keep thinking about how God wants to use me to help change my spirits. He is calling me to love on families that are planning their future, Wills and to help during the death of a loved one.  Listening, talking and comforting are all things Linsey! I can and want to do this for people. There is where the joy comes into place. 

    Katie Ryan will be the interim Director. She has worked closely with our preschool, as you know, and is passionate about Christian Education.  

    Serving our church/preschool/families has been a joy and a gift to my soul. I am going to miss so much about not being at the preschool! It is my prayer that I will get to see so much better come from this beautiful and special place!

    Thank you for coming along side me to pray with me and encourage me in leadership. I am beyond appreciative of your commitment to our preschool!  I hope I can serve with you in a different way in the future of our church.  

    With Blessings,
    Linsey Jarrett


    Video Message from Linsey Jarrett and Katie Ryan