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Confirmation Taking Place Spring of 2021

    Every year, as the summer comes to an end, we get more and
    more excited for a new class of students to join the youth
    group! Rising seventh graders are welcome and encouraged to
    participate in all youth activities to come, starting in August,
    virtual or in-person!

    Due to COVID-19 risks and our church’s health and wellness
    goals for our congregation and community, Confirmation will
    take place in the spring semester of 2021. We believe this
    will ensure the best Confirmation experience possible for the
    seventh-grade class in our church. We are seeking to enhance
    our online footprint in this season should Confirmation need to be a mostly online learning format for our lessons. Right
    now, we are looking to have Confirmation begin on Sunday
    afternoon, January 24 and conclude with Confirmation Sunday
    worship on March 21.

    Instagram: @afumc_youth
    Facebook: athensfirstumcyouth

    Laney Jones |
    Devin Burns |