Recreation Indoor Activities 

Here are some indoor games and activities you can do as a family to pass the time and get some of the wiggles out! 

Scavenger Hunt 
Hide things around the house and create a list of everything that needs to be found.

Make an Obstacle Course 
Use different objects and rooms throughout the house. Record your time and see if you can improve it.

Play Twister
Twister will always test your balance, flexibility and core strength. It’s always fun to see what kind of positions you end up in.

Play Flashlight Tag
Close the blinds and shut off the lights, run around the house like it’s the middle of night.

Play with your pet
Because they need exercise too! Don’t have a pet? Chase each other.

Play Handball
A ball and an open wall is all you need.

Play Simon Says
You can get really creative and active with this game.  

Play Interactive Games
Playstation Move, Xbox Kinect, Nintendo Wii… Whatever suits your fancy, there are a lot of video games that will get you up and moving.

Recreation Ministry 

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Children’s Ministry playlists on Spotify

Children’s Ministry playlists on Spotify
Search Spotify for “Athens First UMC Children’s Ministry” and you’ll find four playlists suitable for various age groups. Spotify is a free app you can download and use to play music. Note: the free version of the app has ads and may be limited to play a playlist on shuffle only.

Music to comfort our tiniest treasures

Lullabies for Little Lambs

Songs to help little ones experience God’s great love

First Steps

Songs the children of our weekday preschool know and love

Joyful Noise 

Songs to help growing children learn to love like Jesus

City on a Hill  


Facebook Live Music Class 
Monday–Thursday 4:00 p.m. | My husband, Matthew, and I will host an online music class through Facebook Live each weekday Monday through Thursday at 4:00 p.m. Even if you cannot join us live, the videos will be archived on my personal Facebook feed. Simply add me as your Facebook friend to join us for class and to get daily updates about what you’ll need.

Part of my role at Athens First UMC is also to plan and lead weekly worship. You can also find worship resources through Spotify and my social media accounts.