Meet Our Team


Chuck Hodges

Senior Ministeroffice: 706-543-1442, x208

Martha Aenchbacher

Minister of Congregational Careoffice: 706-543-1442, x214

Betsy Butler

Minister of Programoffice: 706-543-1442, x217

Josh Miles

Associate Minister & Lead Pastor for Common Heart Online Worship Serviceoffice: 706-543-1442, x224

Program Team

Sarah Lawing

Director of Online Productions

Janis Maxwell

Director of Youth Music Ministry and Organistoffice: 706-543-1442, x213

Stephen Mitchell

Director of Musicoffice: 706-543-1442, x215

Laney Jones

Co-Director of Youth Ministryoffice: 706-543-1442, x267

Katie Ryan

Director of Weekday Preschooloffice: 706-543-1442, x209

Katie Elder

Director of Route 56office: 706-543-1442, x266

Jennifer Golden

Assistant Director of Children's Ministryoffice: 706-543-1422, x216

Cindy McKoy

Director of Small Groupsoffice: 706-543-1442, x203

Brett Iley

Director of Facilities and Recreation office: 706-543-1442, x220

Devin Burns

Co-Director of Youth Ministryoffice: 706-543-1442, x262

Sarah Beth Barger

Director of Missionsoffice: 706-543-1442, x218

Administrative Team

Dave Walton

Business Administrator office: 706-543-1442, x205

Erika Bates

Administrative Assistantoffice: 706-543-1442 x253

Kayla Thomason

Director of Communicationsoffice: 706-543-1442, x261

Bob Winstead

Executive Director of Administrationoffice: 706-543-1442, x207

Tona Moyers

Receptionistoffice: 706-543-1442, x201

Amelia Simmons

Director of Communications

Mark Maxwell

Director of Media Services

Julie Bridges

Administrative Assistantoffice: 706-543-1442, x236

Josh Deal

Facilities Technician

Taylor Miller

Executive Assistant to Senior Minister office: 706-543-1442, x204

Sam Coffman

Facilities Technician

Annie Murphy